30/60/90 Day Success Plan Notion Template: Key Account Manager Edition

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Feeling Overwhelmed Starting Your New Role as a Key Account Manager? Never Fear - This Game-Changing Notion Template Has You Covered!

Starting a new job is hard. Like, really hard. There's so much you need to learn and do, all while building relationships and trying not to feel like a complete imposter.

But what if I told you there was a magical solution to help you crush your first 90 days as a Key Account Manager? A plug-and-play template packed with 400+ activities tailored specifically for KAM rockstars?

Introducing the 90 Day Success Plan for Key Account Managers - your personal roadmap to go from newbie to all-star in just 3 months!

This powerhouse Notion template created by 25-year KAM veteran Warwick Brown gives you a proven framework for delivering immediate value to your company and accounts right out the gate.

Just imagine:

  • Knowing exactly what to prioritize each day
  • Checking off tasks customized to your style and accounts
  • Tracking your progress and skill development
  • Building strong relationships fast
  • Gaining credibility with leadership
  • Exceeding your revenue goals!

In short, it's everything you need to start strong and accelerate your success as a Key Account Manager.

The best part? It's completely customizable so you can tailor it to your specific needs. Adjust due dates, targets, formatting - make it your own!

Whether you're fresh out of college or a seasoned pro, this is the ultimate secret weapon to help you thrive in your new role.

Stop feeling lost and overwhelmed.

Get the 90 Day Key Account Manager Success Plan today and watch your confidence and skills soar!

"The thinking time alone to create something like this enormous. I figure it would take a few years in a role before you could create something like this. It is a no brainer. Notion is a fantastic tool and this works very well on the platform. Its worth every penny.” — Brett Richardson, Account Director

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Last updated Aug 17, 2023

You'll get a complete 90-day roadmap to excel as a new key account manager. This customizable Notion template will help you deliver value quickly, build relationships, gain credibility, and exceed goals in your first 3 months.

Complete 90 Day Roadmap
Over 400 tasks tailored specifically for key account managers to optimize your first 90 days
Progress Trackers
Monitor your skill development and track relationship-building activities
Relationship Mapping
Tools to deepen account knowledge and identify key contacts
Proven Best Practices
Created by a 25-year KAM expert for optimal first 90 days
Fully Customizable
Make it your own by editing and adjusting as needed
$14.99 $9.99

30/60/90 Day Success Plan Notion Template: Key Account Manager Edition

0 ratings
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